Determining the
value of
Gauguin’s art

Why should I have my painting or drawing appraised?

Though the possibility of sale is the primary motivation for an appraisal, we have also determined the value of Gauguin paintings and drawings for insurance purposes, tax-deductible donations, estate inventories and divorce settlements.

We recommend that a new appraisal be performed every five years and welcome repeat clients who wish to know the current market value of their piece.

How is value of my artwork determined?

We thoroughly examine the market, paying particular attention to Gauguin’s sale record over the last two decades. We also note the state of the economy and predict demand for the coming decade.

What qualifies Gauguin Experts to perform an appraisal of my artwork?

Many aspects of a drawing or painting – its condition, rarity and artistic merit – are difficult to quantify. All of our appraisers are licensed by the USPAP and have spent a lifetime studying the work of Paul Gauguin. We know the finer points of his development and can accurately assess the historical significance of a particular piece. An appraiser without our unique combination of skill and experience could make a misevaluation that would result in an enormous loss of profit.

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